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Calibre de Cartier Chronograph Cheap Replica Men's Watch Hands-On

The fake Calibre case has served as the base for everything from mainstream luxury to ultra-high-end replica Cartier models also continues to have a promising future as fake Cartier currently prefers the Calibre as their premier men's model. One of my personal favorite aspects of the fake Calibre is that no one has ever referred to it as "unisex." Many fake Cartier timepieces have that fluid sense of French polish that makes them good enough for a man, but appropriate for a woman. The Calibre is "all dude."

I got the Replica Cartier Calibre Quartz watch when fake Cartier released it in 2010 and felt great joy. What many people don't recall is that replica Cartier chose the Calibre as the first watch to house their in-house made movement known as the caliber 1904MC but this wasn't their first in-house made movement -replica Cartier started with ultra-luxury stuff a few years before. The 1904MC was not only a new movement, but meant to be the base of many future movements. Designed to be flexible, the 1904MC is what all in-house movement-based fake Cartier timepieces contain. So here it is with a chronograph. In the Calibre Chronograph, the movement is known as the 1904-CH MC.

Like the pure base movement without the chronograph module, the 1904-CH MC automatic with a slightly different dial layout as well as a 30 minute chronograph offered in a bi-compax layout. Frequency is 28,800 bph and the power reserve is 48 hours. It has the date located at 6 o'clock as well. The enduring controversial element of the Calibre's dial design is the "open" date window. I must admit that this fake design feature looks much worse on some other watches, but it sticks out as something offered purely to be quirky.

Some supposed that the dials are too close together, and others really appreciate their positioning because it allows for a relatively unobstructed view of the hour markers which allow for optimal legibility. Who do I agree with? Well, both I agree. Legibility is rather good but with the ring around the sub dials, their placement toward the middle of the dial is perhaps too emphasized. Having said all that, I love the symmetry of the dial and feel that compared to the original Calibre dial (with subsidiary seconds dial) the Chronograph is much better balanced and appears more comfortable. So while it perhaps isn't the world's most perfect dial, it is nice and attractive enough to proudly bear the Replica Cartier Calibre GMT name.

To notice on the fake Calibre Chronograph versus the original model is the "fake Cartier California" dial is much easier. California dials are a style that was first presented by Rolex which has half of the hour markers as Arabic numerals and half as Roman numerals. The odd thing is that most people don't seem to notice unless it is pointed out. That isn't the case on the Calibre, but half are Roman numerals while the lower half are baton-style hour markers. Is that something you noticed immediately or did it need to be pointed out to you?

In order to keep the dial less cluttered, Replica Cartier Calibre Tourbillon moved the minute marker scale to the inwardly sloped bezel. When first seeing renders of the Calibre Chronograph I was concerned about this design decision, but after seeing the watches I decided it was for the best. What it really does is allow the main dial to be kept more open and airy, but retain an ability to have more precise markers if necessary. While there is more at play on the Chronograph dial compared to the three-hander, the dial does feel more clean - which is a positive thing.

The case size remains 42mm wide, and I don't think it is any thicker than the three-hand Calibre model. Of course there is the really slick integration of the chronograph pushers. As I mentioned when I first wrote about this watch, it is clear that fake Cartier always intended for the Calibre to have a Chronograph version, because the crown guard is so perfectly designed to incorporate pushers into it. Another interesting detail is that the Chronograph has MORE water resistance than the three-hand model. The fake Calibre has only 30 meters of water resistance while the Chronograph has 100 meters. I can't claim to explain that, but it is what fake Cartier reports.

Fake Cartier offers the Calibre Chronograph on both an alligator strap as well as a steel bracelet. Given that I am always a fan of Cartier fake watches on bracelets I have to recommend the latter option. Available in steel, 18k rose gold, and two-tone in steel and gold, the replica Calibre Chronograph is offered in a good range of versions. Having said that, the dial is only available in the off-white silver tone (for now). Those wanting a darker colored dial will have to wait.